Version 7.0 Release Errata

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Celera Assembler version 7.0 was released January 15th, 2012.

These problems have been observed since the release.

  • The utgGenomeSize parameter was not functional in the first release of this version. This release was available for five hours on January 13th. You should reinstall if your runCA executable is 213712 bytes long.
  • The ovlMinLen parameter was not being passed to the overlap module. This was fixed in the source on 01/27/2012 (post the 7.0 release)
    • To fix this error, update src/AS_OVM/overlapInCore.C line 634 from:
 argc = AS_configure(argc, argv);


  argc = AS_configure(argc, argv);
  Min_Olap_Len = AS_OVERLAP_MIN_LEN;