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Celera Assembler User Group Meeting

At JCVI in Rockville, Maryland, USA

Thursday and Friday, August 26-27, 2010

The Celera Assembler User Group Meeting is a 2-day workshop that features presentations, informal discussion, training, and hands-on problem solving. It is an opportunity for users to interact with the developers and other users in order to improve their assembly expertise.


This is an informal meeting of about 20 people. Our meeting room has a a dual-head projector and a workstation for each participant. Participants receive a thumb drive on which to store slides and results.

Day 1
Jason Miller Fundamentals of Sequencing & Assembly. Challenges. The CA pipeline. The CA outputs.
Granger Sutton Unitig Algorithms: overlap graphs, K-mer graphs, BOG.
Brian Walenz Workshop. Assemble 2 bacteria. Process various input file types. Choose runCA parameters. Follow the 10 steps. Compare result by QC.
Day 2
Expert Panel Current and future challenges
Sergey Koren Scaffold Algorithms: toggling unitigs, finishing reads, metagenomics settings
Jason Miller Evaluating assemblies and choosing a best.
Workshop CVS checkout. Software problems. Getting into the stores. Using the posmaps.
Optional Tour JCVI sequencing and computing facilities


9:00 am Light breakfast, available all morning
10:00 am Meeting start
12:30 Lunch
5:00 pm Meeting adjourn
6:00 pm Group dinner at nearby restaurant
9:00 am Light breakfast, available all morning
10:00 am Meeting resume
12:30 Lunch
2:30 pm Optional tour of JCVI
4:00 pm Meeting end. Box meal.


Expert panel (viewer's left to right): Mihai Pop, Sergey Koren, Brian Walenz, Michael Schatz, Granger Sutton, Jason Miller, Steven Salzberg, Aleksey Zimin. Photo credits: Animish Sharma, Rafał Woycicki.

CAUG2010 panel AS.jpg CAUG2010 Panel RW.jpg


There is no tuition for this event. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided, plus one group dinner. (There was limited and restricted travel+hotel reimbursement for the first 15 non-local registrants. All those slots are taken.)


As of August 4, the meeting was full. Send us an email (ATGatJCVIdotORG) to get standby status.

As of August 1, all registrants have received an email with a confirmation PDF on JCVI letterhead.

Travel Tips

AIRPLANES: Registrants received a list of local hotels. Contact us if you didn't receive it. JCVI is equidistant from the 3 Washington airports: BWI Marshall, DCA Reagan National, and IAD Dulles.

TRAINS: The Metro goes to only one airport, Reagan National. JCVI is a 15 minute drive from Shady Grove station, the last stop on the Red Line of the DC Metro. There are taxis waiting at the train station.

BUS: There is a #43 Ride On bus from the Shady Grove metro station to Shady Grove Hospital. The hospital is on Medical Center Drive across the street from JCVI.

DRIVING: Directions to the JCVI main campus. Traffic can be bad on I-270, the nearby highway. County Traffic Cam includes our highway exit, Shady Grove.

CAMPUS: The campus has 5 buildings. The meeting is at address 9704, the tallest building on the campus, the one with the 4 colors of glass reminiscent of chromatograms.

TEMPERATURES: Check the weather forecast. Summer time is usually hot and humid in Maryland (~90 F = 32 C). The indoor facilities are usually cool (68 F = 20 C) so consider bringing long sleeves or even a sweater. Meeting dress code is: CASUAL! Open toed shoes are not allowed on the lab tour.

HOTEL: The nearest hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn. They offer a special rate for CAUG at JCVI. Address = 14975 Shady Grove Road, Rockville, Maryland USA 20850. Tel: +1-240-507-1800


This meeting is made possible by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), one of the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH).